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Education the right weapon to fight crime

Published:Saturday | August 4, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Kindly permit me space in your publication to share my thoughts on how we can rid this country of crime once and for all.

Education is the only option to freeing communities from being gestation grounds for crime, violence and mayhem.

This takes a toll on the economy, far greater than any conceivable remedial budget could ever cost.

We ignore this and maintain this path of 'education apartheid' resulting in the outcome we have. Then we apply more criminology and less sociology.

The fact that it continues to get worse tells that the strategy is not working, but do the powers that be really believe in a solution other than force? First, they have to believe that the life of a Jamaican in the ghetto is equal to one in their social strata.

Further, our political structure does not allow for any major initiatives with a life beyond three years, and which is not physically visible.

This may sound pessimistic, but it is what it is. Solution is beyond the capability of our political structure.

Even if the political will could be mustered towards a revolution in education, who would administer this at the community level? Most likely the 'community leader' with 'brick and mortar' instead of teachers and technology.

Douglas Halsall


Advanced Integrated Systems Ltd