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Infrastructure and new city in Portmore

Published:Monday | August 6, 2018 | 12:00 AM


The Andrew Holness-led political regime has declared that it is going to build a new city within the precincts of Portmore. It would be a brilliant idea if there were adequate facilities in place for this massive development.

Already large communities like Greater Portmore and Hellshire have been experiencing sometimes chronic water shortages over protracted periods. When this city is built, will the same water supply provide for these new persons in this new city?

We all appreciate growth and development, but we must make the commitment. How it is that we are going to welcome a city that will offer so many negative things like criminality and violence, which this new development will create if there are no jobs for the already jobless Portmore youngsters?

Only the best is good enough for Portmore residents, and we relentlessly seek that for all the citizenry of this magnificent place.

We have to be mindful of these things when we are building so that we can accelerate assistance in case of a massive destructive force.

Paris Taylor

Greater Portmore