Thu | Apr 25, 2019

Happy 68th anniversary to the Big 94

Published:Tuesday | August 7, 2018 | 12:00 AM


We extend our right hand to RJR, the Big 94, with hearty congratulations, on its 68-year anniversary. Sixty eight years of broadcasting, since 1950, is indeed a great milestone accomplished. And we are going forward with RJR, with our full support, in whatever way we can - simple or great, until they reach the century mark or until God say ... .

To make a long story short - we give God thanks for this magnificent and powerful radio station; for the outstanding staff of the RJRGLEANER Communications Group, and its wonderful hard-working members.

We extend our congratulations, to some longstanding members, such as, Ralston McKenzie, Dorraine Samuels, Norma Brown Bell, Patrick Anderson, Gerry McDaniel, and more, I suppose, who are still working around the clock.

To some of those who have died - and others who are still alive - who have given their faithful service to the Big 94 - whom we still remember, such as Ken Maxwell, Peter Maxwell, Basil 'Bagga' Brown; Ronnie Logan, Cecile Wilson, Marie Garth, Winston Barnes, Neville Willoughby, Desmond Chambers, Dick Pixley, Vivian Burke, Peter Abrahams, Henry 'Busha' Stennett; Alan 'Teddy' Magnus and more.

We lift our caps too, to our former sports icons, such as the great Ed Barnes; Lance Whittaker; Robert 'Bobby' Fray; Howard Abrahams; Cliff Williams and others, I suppose.

We say thanks to RJR too for those remarkable stories and games we used to listen to. The weekdays 10:15 a.m. stories were very interesting, especially to the ladies. We remember Dorraine Samuels used to host a night programme, called the 'Price Tag', along with her colleague - a jovial gentleman who died suddenly.

Thanks again to the RJRGLEANER Communications Groups for its wonderful service. Happy anniversary to RJR for so many years of service. Keep up the good work.

Donald J. Mckoy