Thu | Dec 13, 2018

Embrace organic farming practices

Published:Wednesday | August 8, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I am pleased to know that Prime Minister Andrew Holness was able to visit Denbigh on Monday. I wholeheartedly agree with him about the application of technology to farming in Jamaica.

Where I may depart from the prime minister is the type of technology he may have in mind. What is needed is not new but a return to fundamentals - the God-given methods of agricultural technology that enable disease-free plants. That is an old-fashioned, real, organic approach with the intermittent resting of the soil. This requires good planning.

Plants and animals have an immune system with human similarities. No Monsantos of the world, with their covert intent, can heal or maintain. The secret in human, animal and plant health is the stewardship of the soil. The non-organic fertilisers being used today do not sustain the healthy soil, thereby leading to diseased plants.

All of a sudden, over the years, we are suffering from all types of agricultural maladies. When are we going to learn? We have become prodigal sons and daughters of the soil and gone off to health-destroying Monsanto land.

I know this is not politically correct, but stop the importation of Roundup and glyphosate.

On another matter, I wonder if the prime minister stepped in any mud and flooded pathways while walking at Denbigh. The infrastructure and organisation of the place are a disgrace. I wonder if the former slaves are not deserving of something better.

We boast about the longevity of Denbigh, but that place gives me nothing to be proud of except for the ingenuity and hard work of the children of former slaves.