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Help make JamaicaEye a success!

Published:Thursday | August 9, 2018 | 12:11 AM


The JamaicaEye initiative is a remarkable plan to stem the perpetual slate of violent conduct by our citizens. This closed-circuit television [CCTV] surveillance programme is the way for the future in dealing with criminals who are leagues ahead of the police in some instances. If we could get the support of the wider public to assist in the administration of the project, it could only mean a cleansing of the violence which has haunted us for decades.

JamaicaEye is the best thing I have seen to date to ensure the safety of communities that are under the microscope for the wrong things. We must try and envision a Jamaica with all the things we so yearn. All the people with the tactical and technical expertise should join the JamaicaEye with the requisite facilities. They could make this country a place where our families can return to as returning residents and live in almost peace and safety.

Persons in developed areas could embark on this initiative to create the medium for a better, safer and much more suitable place to raise families and work. Our country is already naturally beautiful, but our families abroad, especially, are afraid of returning to these once pleasant shores to pursue new chapters in their lives. We love the Diasporas for the remittance they are constantly sending back home. But it is very painful to hear of the death of these people who cherished their homelands to eventually get themselves killed.

Paris Taylor


Greater Portmore