Tue | Aug 20, 2019

FCIBC first in poor customer service

Published:Wednesday | August 15, 2018 | 12:06 AMDamion Mitchell

My 35 years on this planet have placed me in business with some entities offering the worst customer service, but a certain Caribbean international bank is first on the list.
I will not delve into the history of run-ins, including the three occasions on which FCIBC has had to refund my account for money being wrongfully deducted over different periods.
I will, however, share with you my distress of waiting, calling and wading through promises for almost one month to have my Internet banking restored.
It began with a call to FCIBC and an advisory by the agent that I would have to visit the bank. I went to the New Kingston branch, since it was closest to me, and did what I thought were all the necessaries and got a promise from the customer service representative that the service would have been restored by the following day. 
Time will not allow the blow-by-blow account of what happened next. Suffice to say, it's been almost four weeks later, and at the very least four calls to the call centre, the branch and a supervisor and I'm still without the service.
As you would understand, none of the relevant managers at New Kingston was available to take my complaint. 
But now, almost a month later, I'm told by a supervisor at the New Kingston that I will need to go to my branch in Liguanea to have the issue sorted out.
What gall!