Sat | Dec 15, 2018

The need for prudence

Published:Thursday | August 16, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I guess The Gleaner, in trying so hard at what it thinks will accelerate sales it has fallen to the lowest level in its offerings for public consumption. The shameless parade in one of its commentaries on sex may be one of the desperate cries to be heard. Unfortunately, those who received such articles without concern had already bought into a crudeness that they even dared to justify.

An insensitivity to decency and good taste has made such inroads into people's consciousness that even those who could be grandfathers freely laugh and jeer at anyone who seeks to be excused from such unfiltered talk. Yet they wonder about the general disrespect that men show to women and the cavalier attitude towards a gift that was meant to be sacred and proper and appreciated within a marriage union.

How do you reconcile rum bar talk with the need for moral rebirth among a future generation? How do you shake off such unvarnished details of human private lives to simply say, 'Well, that provided a good laugh, let's move on', and move you do, without thinking that young and impressionable minds reading your papers will just move on as well without any chance of being corrupted? Or maybe one is just not with it. Maybe this is just hollow noise over nothing.

Homer Sylvester