Fri | Apr 3, 2020

Scrap plan for Parliament building in the park

Published:Monday | August 20, 2018 | 12:00 AM


As a resident in the vicinity of Heroes Circle, I am frightened by the idea of locating the Parliament building within Heroes Park.

While I support wholeheartedly the proposal of using the new Parliament building as the catalyst towards transforming area, my thoughts were always that we would preserve the green space and build on brownfield.

Having the Parliament building in proximity to National Heroes Park will lead to continuous disruptions at schools and help to reinforce that culture of apathy towards politicians by our youth.

It will create traffic nightmares, with frequent road closures and cause major inconvenience for residents.

Mr Editor, the new Parliament building should be sited in the area, but be outside the park. Identify parcels of land south of the park. It would be nice if our national heroes could symbolically keep a watchful eye on them.

In addition, many of these brownfield areas are sparsely populated and so these residents could be easily relocated, with more modern housing built close by.


Arnold Road