Mon | Jul 6, 2020

Africans not absolved of blame in slavery

Published:Sunday | August 19, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I have no doubt that some cases are exactly as mentioned in Glenville Ashby's Sunday Gleaner column, 'Separating fact from fiction' (August 19, 2018), with trickery and deceit on the part of European slave traders and no evil actions or motives on the part of some Africans.

But I think about Hutus and Tutsis in the 1990s and have no doubt that some cases also involved one tribe selling members of an enemy tribe to the slave traders. Despite our original African tribes being all mixed up in us now, tribalism between political parties and between criminal gangs is still evident.

I think it is simplistic to assume that only one or the other case occurred in the slave trade.