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NWC charging for dry taps

Published:Sunday | August 19, 2018 | 12:00 AM


This is an open letter to the Office of Utilities Regulation, 36 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 10.

I have often wondered at the sight of people on TV news demonstrating against the National Water Commission (NWC), claiming that they are receiving no water and yet they keep receiving bills. I now know that they are usually speaking the truth, and that the NWC is, maybe illegally, being paid by many of us for water that we are NOT getting.

How do I now know that? Because I just received a bill for an apartment (account #1340466; premises # 1340456) that is not rented, yet the most recent bill is demanding of me $1,159.32. But if I should pay said bill before a certain date, I will save $250.On observing said bill, I noted under 'Current Charges':

Water charges $0

Service charge $830

PAM 1.05% $8.72

X Factor 6.20 $52

K Factor 16.00% $125

Total Current Charges $912

I consider this bill to be a fake bill. It is asking for payment for no 'service', since no water was used. How can it be FAIR, much less legal, to ask payment of a service charge when there was NO service given by the company, or received by me the customer?

The service charge of $830 is, therefore, for NO service given. The other three charges are conditioned on, and contemplated as a percentages of, the service given. But the bill clearly states that no service was given, since no water was used. WHAT A RIP-OFF! People are being forced to pay when NO SERVICE was given. Are we being asked to pay for air?

Maybe National Integrity Action Ltd (NIA) should take a look at this situation. Isn't this official corruption? A monopoly taking from the unprotected? Possibly the public defender should take this up on our behalf, as well as the Consumer Affairs Commission.


Royal Flat, Mandeville PO