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Letter of the Day | End childish politicking over beach access

Published:Wednesday | August 22, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I read Charles Sinclair's article ('PNP hypocrisy on beach access, Gleaner, August 20, 2018), which is a response to Opposition Senator Sophia Frazer-Binns' 'Social partnership on beach access' (Gleaner, August 18, 2018). Having read Mr Sinclair's article, I appreciate his politically tinged views, but I am not sure that I can agree with his overly political analysis.

The flaw in his position is that it smacks of a certain type of political thinking that shuts the door on a party changing its position on an issue in the face of new facts. International, regional and local politics is littered with examples of what he referred to as a Damascus experience, but which I call mature political evolution in the face of altered facts.


Maturity of approach


Nothing is wrong with this, and we should encourage our politicians to demonstrate this maturity of approach and thinking.

The worn-out approach of sticking to a defeated position will not serve us. There is a problem with the issue of access to our beaches, and the responsible minister should address this not by tapping him/herself on the shoulder. Instead, the issue demands a new approach that shows that the executive has listened to the concerns of those who are being affected.


A Sound Idea


If a sound idea emanates from the People's National Party, it is no good bashing or ignoring it merely because at a different time, that party acted differently. Both political parties have failed on this issue, as they have pursued a somewhat lopsided tourism policy over the years.

It now takes leadership to implement laws that balance the concerns and desires of those affected and interested.

This is what modern, solution-oriented leadership demands of all politicians. Mr Sinclair should get his party to act, as there is room for a solution to this issue.

We should start by having the prime minister's policy made public, as it is no good telling us that access is one of the issues that are under review, with no details on this matter as well as the applicable time frame for completion.


Former Public Defender