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Heroes Circle - Unanswered questions remain

Published:Thursday | August 23, 2018 | 12:00 AM


It's quite odd that members of the community of Allman Town and other communities seem to have little knowledge of the proposed development of a parliamentary building and the transformation of the space as a site of cultural heritage. It is the expressed wish of the current government to transform the park into not only a site of cultural heritage but a place where citizens are imbued with a sense of civic pride.

Several questions remain unanswered and should be addressed through dialogue with community members.

The National Heroes Park is a historic site that was bestowed to the people of Kingston more than 200 years ago to be used as a "public garden, pleasure park, and recreation area".

Green spaces are needed within Kingston. The average temperature between the months of May to August within Kingston is 31deg-33degC. This period is also when students are out of school and need active spaces for recreation.

Although there are promises to establish the active green spaces within the park, erecting a parliamentary building would be a disruption to this. What happens when Parliament is in session. Will children be able to roam freely throughout the park and play, and even if they are confined to a specific area, will there be concerns of them disrupting the sessions inside the buildings?

Finally, the cost to bulldoze existing structures, shift operations to interim facilities, construct new buildings, and relocate community members who have been there for years is completely unnecessary. There are spaces available in downtown which the Urban Development Corporation has been working extensively to reinvigorate. Why not use them?

MX Williams

Youth Advocate