Sun | Sep 20, 2020

The need for a Truth Commission

Published:Wednesday | August 22, 2018 | 6:05 AM


I observe the prime minister's intention to establish a Crime Commission.

This is laudable and much needed; however, what this country most need is a Truth Commission.

Over the decades, corruption, political strife and mismanagement have robbed this country of its true potential. All these formed the bedrock of our crime and violence problems. As such, a Truth Commission is needed to heal wounds and mend fissures in our social fabric.

Only one politician, former Prime Minister Bruce Golding, has stated his association with violent men. A brave and truthful position. Is he the only one?

My hope is that in finding solutions the spiritual is not left out. These days, the mention of God and the need for prayer is shunned and scoffed at.

Andrea Dunk