Sun | Jan 20, 2019

Change back-to-school distribution

Published:Monday | August 27, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Every year we hear various entities, politicians, artistes and others with good intent get involved in doling out 'back-to- school supplies' to students. If my community is a reflection of wider Jamaican communities, I say this is a good deed that is misplaced or misused. I will tell why.

Some students that I am made aware of got, for example, two school bags, many books and other school supplies that they don't even want or need, so they sell them.

School will start and you see many students not going to school. And should you ask, "Why are you not in school?" the clarion response is, "Mi madda no have no money." As I see it, instead of everybody doling out 'back to school supplies', donors, artists, politicians and others with good intent should pool their resources and start a breakfast /lunch feeding programme in schools (already in some schools).

This breakfast/lunch feeding programme will ensure that students will be guaranteed meals. Attendance will be increased and tardiness will be reduced in schools because parents would send their children to get this free breakfast and lunch.

I think, also, that all 'back-to- school supplies' should go to the schools for distribution before the opening of school. School administrators/PTA and citizens' associations should work together and would be accountable and required to keep records of their distribution. This would also reduce some students getting more than they need and not feeding greed. This is as I see it.

Authnel S. Reid