Fri | May 24, 2019

What brutes we are!

Published:Tuesday | August 28, 2018 | 12:03 AM


We have grown accustomed to living in a society where vicious violence is increasingly becoming standard currency for the resolution of even minor disputes. We have become regular silent witnesses to the suffering meted out to our young boys and girls who are preyed upon sexually.

The recent murders of two young, beautiful children, Shanoya Wray and Yetanya Francis, stand out even in a country desensitised to violence. Life for these two young girls, as is the case for far too many young people, was "nasty, brutish and short".

These crimes, on the face of it, appear somewhat calculated, no doubt premised on the belief that in a society like ours, impunity is of a greater likelihood than any form of punishment. Both of these young girls could have arisen to be anything, a star athlete or a prime minister, but instead their relatives will have to settle for their names being added to the monument in downtown Kingston - a monument that is running out of space.