Thu | Jan 24, 2019

Jamaica must truly profit from historical sites

Published:Wednesday | August 29, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Is Jamaica maximising its potential to earn from its historical past? I really think not.

Large throughput of visitor to an attraction is possible through good planning and organising skills. It should not only be about advertising the product and when visitors arrive, there is little to show. A well-planned attraction will eventually advertise itself.

A recreation of Port Royal during colonial era will be critical to its success as a historical attraction. Port Royal is rich with history but Jamaica is not gaining from it.

A narrative of the past should be done and played audiovisually, artefacts properly labelled, as well as casts depicting Henry Morgan's life from buccaneer to governor, and the general life of pirates and residents of that era. Models of pirate ships and accoutrements used by pirates should also be on display. Voyages and loots should also be depicted graphically. Consider also a souvenir and gift shop, adequate restroom facilities, and a clean and welcoming environment.

I visited the Nazi concentration/extermination camp at Auschwitz and Auschwitz 2 Birkenau in Poland. Visitors come in the thousands from every corner of the earth to relive history; about 10 tours are conducted concurrently. The tour was well managed and graphically narrated. Surely we can do the same for Port Royal and also boost community tourism as a side order.

Over to you, ministers Grange and Bartlett.