Fri | Mar 22, 2019

Be wary of Ruel Reid

Published:Thursday | August 30, 2018 | 12:05 AM


Although we should welcome Mr Reid's entry into representational politics, I would like to point out to the voters of North West St Ann that he has never lived, worked nor raised his family in the constituency.

Mr Reid seems more interested in using the good people of North West St Ann to advance his own selfish goals, and to continue to be the mouthpiece for the lies, mismanagement and corruption that is the hallmark of the Holness administration.

The truth is, the people require stable and strong leadership as well as someone who cares about making a real difference in their lives, not someone who's accountable to a leader or party. If we are to go by Mr Reid's time as a senator, we will see someone who will say whatever is needed to benefit his party and to deceive the people of Jamaica.

If Mr Reid was serious about representing the people of this great constituency, he should have invested some time getting to know the people and the community, instead of using the position of member of parliament to establish his political career.

Ralston Chamberlain, M Ed, BA, (Hons.), Dip Ed, OCT

Toronto, Ontario