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Calabar threat too drastic

Published:Friday | August 31, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Years ago, I graduated from Calabar High and received what was back then an outstanding, well-rounded education, with lots of extra-curricular activities that supported my personal growth and helped to propel me in many areas of life.

The student population was a good mix of bright and not so bright. Students came from all backgrounds, and often, we could only assume who were from inner cities, since class was not an issue.

As I read the news about Calabar planning to bar students from entering fifth form who did not attain 60 per cent and maintain good conduct, I wondered what went so wrong and why principal Albert Corcho decided to take such a drastic measure.

A high school is not a military or a boot camp and should not be managed as such, with veiled threats and severe punishment with lasting effects.




Education is not a privilege either, but a right, and everyone deserves a chance. All students won't be bright. Others may have issues learning.

If we start expelling and banning students because they didn't attain 60 per cent and higher, we will only create a breeding ground for more criminals. We must find ways to help and encourage all students, especially those with challenges.

We should place more emphasis on extra-curricular activities as well enhance the learning experience.

Corcho is a good principal and means well, but if the easiest solution is to ban students because of their grades, we are heading down a slippery slope.

I urge the principal, Minister Ruel Reid, and teachers and parents to come together to find better solutions to improve the quality of education.

P. Chin