Thu | Aug 22, 2019

New dog law must have bite

Published:Friday | August 31, 2018 | 12:00 AM


It is with great despair to see images of torn flesh, bite marks, and blood oozing from a victim of dog attacks. Every couple of years, there seem to be new cases of the ferocity of these animals on innocent children and the elderly.

There need to be tougher regulations on animals domesticated as pets since the archaic laws don't deal with the present-day issues well.

Six-foot-high walls or fences. Leash dogs during daylight hours. Insurance policies or registration fees for dog owners. We cannot keep seeing the same repeating story, only for it to die down a couple of days later after everyone forgets about it.

Lives shouldn't be destroyed because of irresponsible owners who have no capability of managing these dogs. No more lives should be taken by animals roaming freely on the streets.


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