Wed | Jun 19, 2019

Educate and nurture our youth

Published:Saturday | September 1, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I've been thinking about how the education system can screw up our kids. At age 11, my sister was dropped from the 'top' class because her average fell below 80 per cent. Her confidence was shaken. She wasn't moving on to grade six with all her friends.

I remember how sad she was. How she thought she wasn't good enough. I remember sitting her down and telling her that she would be okay. I told her that this moment would not define her.

How terrible to break our youth before they even have a chance to develop into their own! How do we nurture confidence in our youth when we are the ones who tell them, through our rules and systems, that they are not good enough? Thankfully, my sister made it through primary school, went on to high school, and has now recently completed her studies at the University of the West Indies. She was awarded a full academic scholarship that covered her tuition for second and third year.

What of others who don't have the support my sister had? What will happen to those who we leave behind? Do we no longer think that every child CAN learn? Students need to know there are different ways to succeed. I urge the Ministry of Education to take a more innovative approach that shows their vested interest in the future of our youth.