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Take stand against attacks on children

Published:Sunday | September 2, 2018 | 12:00 AM


The People's National Party Women's Movement is alarmed at the unrelenting, senseless killing of our children. The recent murder of 14-year-old student Yetanya Francis on August 26 brings into sharp focus the need to implement special measures to prevent these dastardly acts. Yetanya is one example of a heinous crime perpetuated against a child.

The following are also important to note:

January 27 - Juvaughne and Jivaughne Bennett, one-year-old twins, and Krisante Maxwell, three, burnt to death.

April 25 - Shanique and Jayanna, seven and nine years old, respectively, stabbed to death.

May 1 - Nicoy Bourne, 11, Sheldon Morgan, two, shot to death.

June 5 - Kadijah Saunders, nine, raped and strangled.

July 18 - Aviere Williams, one, and Arnza Williams, seven days old, chopped to death.

August 15 - Vernadine Anderson, 16, raped and stabbed.

These are our children who have been brutally murdered by our men and boys! Fifty children were killed in 2017, and up to April 2018, 13 children had been killed.

The time has come to take a stand to protect our children and to let the deviants among us know that we will not sit idly by and allow them to continue murdering our children with impunity!

Jamaicans, when our children are being slaughtered, it can no longer be 'informer fi dead' but 'Murderer fi get lock up'! The Office of the Children's Advocate should consider increasing public education to sensitise families and communities on measures to adopt for keeping our children safe. Let us work with the relevant agencies, the police and women to stop child rape and child killings. Let us stand up in our numbers and protect each other and our children.

Jennifer Edwards

President, PNP Women's Movement