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Searching for family of Cecil Sylvester Harris

Published:Tuesday | September 11, 2018 | 12:00 AM


My name is Charmaine Thomas. I was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in September 1962. My mother was Ina Lynette Gregory and usually went by the name 'Lyn'.

At the time of my birth, she was living at either 99 Constant Spring Road or 1 West Avenue, Greenwich Town, and worked in Kingston.

Although I was born in Kingston, I was raised in Glengoffe, St Catherine, by my grandparents until I migrated to the United States.

I am writing in the hope of finding my father, whom I have never met. Over the past few decades, the only information that I knew about him was that he was a chauffeur in Kingston at the time that I was born and that his last name was Harris.

Upon recent research, I came across a man by the name of Cecil Sylvester Harris, who passed away in April 1977 (married to an Amy Harris). I am currently looking for the family of Cecil Sylvester Harris. His last known address before death was 91 North Street in Kingston.

I would greatly appreciate any leads or contact with family members who might be related or have any information about Cecil Sylvester Harris (or his wife), who I believe to be either my father or a close relative.