Sun | Sep 27, 2020

Distress sparks foreign exodus

Published:Sunday | September 16, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Our leaders seem unaware or unconcerned that Jamaicans are leaving in droves or planning to do so quietly.

A recent article featured some of the more than 1,000 Jamaicans bound for Canada. No metropolitan country wants anything less than the best educated and very ambitious people to come as immigrants.

So many people are putting their plans in place to go and I know this from discussions with students at the University of the West Indies, as well as others who own a home and have a god job and have children doing well in school.

They are talking about the quality of life.The roadworks that have caused many to ha doubled and trebled the time for their journeys to work are a disaster. Gas prices and stress levels are rising.

While we hope that some of these folks withoptions will stay and build Jamaica, many have grown tired of the violence, chaos, the rising cost of living, the corruption. The planners of this traffic debacle will live to rue this day as there are further declines in productivity, more anger, and the realisation that our leaders just don't care and hold us in contempt.

No level of public relations will stop the exodus because people are rightly concluding that the policies currently being employed help to

enrich certain people and their cronies.

Those who have issued warnings are dubbed partisan, but now that the fiasco has come to pass: Business owners, 'walk foot', and motorists are clearly in agreement about the crippling effect of the traffic situation.

As Buju Banton sang, "Who fe run gwen run".