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Letter of the Day | PNP lessons for JLP deputies

Published:Monday | September 17, 2018 | 12:00 AM


The delegates of the People's National Party (PNP) voted nationally because they heard the cry of renewal. The three new challengers defeated two candidates who've been there since 2006.

Is it that because the majority of the delegates are women, Angela Brown Burke thought she would've won? And Fenton Ferguson thought that because the majority of the delegates are elders, he would've been a sure pick.

Peter Phillips can safely say that this is now his party in light of the the fact that his son made the top four from what I consider the weakest region.

The fact that he picked up Damion Crawford out of the political wilderness and appointed him to the Senate, then one year later he's on top as vice-president speaks volume. What Damion Crawford has achieved has only been bettered by P.J. Patterson at age 33, newly appointed to the Senate in 1969 and was vice-president that same year.

The biggest loser by far is Dr Fenton Ferguson, who many thought was a sure pick. I think his prospects of yet another parliamentary term are not good.

The biggest winner in my eyes is the dark horse, Mikael Phillips. Don't be surprised if one day he's president of the PNP.


Facing a Challenge


I hope the following deputy leaders of the Jamaica Labour Party are reading the pulse of the nation. I believe all current deputy leaders should face a challenge.

Area Council One, currently held by Desmond McKenzie, could be taken over be Delroy Williams, Juliet Holness or Matthew Samuda.

Area Council Two, currently held by the longest-serving deputy leader James Robertson, should be taken over by Daryl Vaz, Chris Tufton, Kerensia Morrison or Dr Andrew Wheatley.

Area Council Three, currently held by Rudyard Spencer, should be taken over by Senator Pearnel Charles Jr, or recall the energetic Audley Shaw. Area Council Four, currently held by J.C. Hutchinson, should be taken over by current chairman of that council, Floyd Green.


Ocho Rios, St Ann