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Letter of the Day | Try flexi-work to deal with traffic challenges

Published:Thursday | September 20, 2018 | 12:11 AM


The Human Resource Management Association of Jamaica (HRMAJ), following a survey of its members and people managers affiliated with the association, has found an increase in lateness from employees across various industries, since the traffic changes came into effect across the Kingston and Metropolitan areas on September 9, 2018.

Out of the 113 number of persons surveyed, 93 per cent of the respondents indicated an increase in employee lateness attributed to the traffic congestion.

With the roadworks expected to continue over an extended period of time, the association notes that an exorbitant amount of productivity hours will be lost due to the significant time spent in traffic by employees.




It is estimated, according to the survey, that persons are spending a minimum of 90 minutes in traffic to commute to work.

In addition to the lateness of employees being reported, it was noted that another 25 per cent of the responders linked an increase in absenteeism directly to the traffic congestion.

The increase in lateness by employees, some of whom commute from as far as Clarendon into Kingston for work, is a real issue for many companies; and while we grapple with the loss of productivity hours, I want to encourage employers and workers to be supportive and patient with the ongoing road development programme, which in the long run will positively impact overall productivity.

The current situation presents an opportunity for employers to allow for staggered hours or flexi-work arrangements to help with improving overall productivity among employees.

A flexi-work arrangement may help in bridging the gap with persons who have to travel for long distances to get to work, and may in turn contribute to an increase in productivity levels again.

HRMAJ is encouraged by the continued efforts of the authorities to reduce the congestion, and anticipates improved communication so that workers and businesses can plan accordingly.

Karl Williams

President, HRMAJ