Mon | Jun 17, 2019

Deal with Israel appaling

Published:Monday | September 24, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I am appalled by the news that this Holness-led administration is prepared to even consider working (yet again) with apartheid Israel.

Doing deals with Israel, especially given the hardening of attitudes against Palestinians by the current Netanyahu administration (aided and abetted by Trump's support), is no less disgusting than doing deals with apartheid South Africa.

We sold out recently on the vote concerning the move of the capital to Jerusalem and here we are again doing even worse. As I said when Jamaica abstained on that vote, it is an affront to those of us who were proud supporters on Jamaica's part in the fight against South African apartheid, and our open attitude towards Castro's Cuba.

Many young Jewish people in the USA are equally disgusted with Netanyahu's complete dismissal of the Palestinian rights. This is not to be critical of Israel or Jews in general, but rather against the policies and actions of the (ultra-right) Zionists and those who support them.

Not only is this wrong for the reasons above, but looking to Israel for solutions to our crime problems contradicts what is supposed to be an essential part of Jamaica's ZOSO strategy; that is, addressing the inequality and lack of opportunity which triggers so much of our crime. Both Holness and Phillips acknowledge this. If we are not careful, we might see our para-military police force become even more so.

Paul Ward

Campaign for Social & Economic justice (CSEJ)

Kingston 6