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Probe pastor's killing deeply

Published:Sunday | September 23, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Several days ago, the religious fraternity was shocked after a young pastor was shot and killed on a church compound.

As a former criminal investigator, I know that it can be a difficult task to solve certain crimes, based on the root cause or motive. So in order to solve a crime, an investigator must first identify or understand the offence in order to arrive at a sensible conclusion.

To do so, one must apply four Ws: What happened? Where did it happen? Is there witness cooperation? And who is the person responsible for committing the crime?

When I was a child under the supervision of my grandmother (a Christian), I remember the church as a very sacred place, where people were scared to do or say anything wrong. That's no longer the case.

There are mixed reactions to the killing of clergyman James Johnson, but time will tell after a thorough investigation as to the motivation behind the killing.