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Weed rogue cops out of JCF, commissioner

Published:Tuesday | September 25, 2018 | 12:00 AM


This is an open letter to Commissioner of Police Antony Anderson.

Dear Commissioner,

I write to request your immediate intervention in a matter concerning my client, Oshane Bogle. On Thursday, September 20, 2018, my client was acquitted of the charges of illegal possession of firearm, illegal possession of ammunition, and common assault in the Gun Court.

Mr Bogle, who admitted in his evidence to operating a taxi illegally and was involved in a high-speed chase with the police, was at the end of the chase shot in his head and miraculously lived to testify in court in his defence. His testimony was supported by a minister of religion and justice of the peace, who testified on behalf of the prosecution, and who was a passenger in Mr Bogle's car during the said chase. The pastor/JP, testifying on behalf of the Crown, said that at no time did he see the accused with a gun, which supported Mr Bogle's own testimony that he was shot by the policeman from behind unarmed.




This acquittal should not leave the matter without further redress. Respectfully, justice demands that the matter not end with my client's acquittal. Bogle's right to file a claim for compensation cannot address the egregious wrong that has been committed against him. He may, in a civil claim, be compensated for his near-death experience, compounded with the planting of a firearm on him, but this will be paid for by our taxpayers, with not one cent from the police officer's pocket. In fact, my experience shows that he is likely to go up the ranks in short order.

The case against Bogle involved a firearm from which the serial number was erased. Further, the allegation was that he pointed it at the police officer, attempted to fire it, and that it malfunctioned. All that was heard by the police officer, before he fired hitting Bogle in his head, was a 'clicking' sound. The convenient non-firing of the gun blocked the defence exploring the absence of gunshot residue on Bogle's hand. Also, the erasing of the serial number, and the gun not being produced in court during the trial, barred me from tracing the history of ownership of this mysterious and planted firearm.

The young men, in particular, of Jamaica, would like to give their support in fighting crime. Your investigating matters like this can only assist in garnering public support as you seek to weed out the 'planters' on the force, who, after shooting with no good reason, seek to put a firearm in the mix to retroactively sanitise their wrong.