Sun | Jun 7, 2020

What's the plan for Portmore Climate Change Park?

Published:Friday | September 28, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Is Portmore an afterthought? Are Portmore residents not deserving of a similar green area masterpiece as that of Emancipation Park? For the past year or so, I have witnessed a seemingly half-hearted attempt at constructing a climate-change park in the municipality.

Every time that I pass the construction activity, I ponder, "What's really happening over there?" The thought of a climate-change park should elicit excitement and enthusiasm. Yet, ask most persons who reside in Portmore how they feel, and you'd get a sense of apathy, as no one has sought to engender a sense of ownership of this facility/concept among the residents.

The current choice of plants, the design of the facade with the name, Portmore Climate Change Park, is quite unacceptable. It would seem, based on my limited view, that the persons responsible are making up the design as they go along.

Where is the plan? What will this facility look like? Will there be a jogging trail? Will there be a nicely sculpted monument? One would expect to see a projected image of the finished product on site for all to see, or is it to be taken as understood that the residents of Portmore are low-class and are, therefore, not deserving of an equally well-designed facility?

For a community with close to 200,000 residents, a properly designed green area is warranted. I call on the relevant authorities - the Portmore Municipal Council, the Ministry of Local Government and all other responsible entities - to provide clarity on the design and timeline for completion of this facility.