Sun | Mar 29, 2020

Downtown Kingston stinks!

Published:Wednesday | October 10, 2018 | 12:04 AM


Like thousands on Saturday night, I engaged in the annual Digicel 5K Run/Walk downtown for charity. However, I must hasten to say it was not a pleasure to endure the challenges of the route.

In recent years, I keep hearing that downtown is being redeveloped, especially on the waterfront, and yes, I see some commercial buildings rising on Harbour Street, but what about the general upkeep and improvement of surrounding areas where some basic things are lacking?

Having parked my vehicle in the vicinity of Sutton Street, I decided to walk through Mark Lane and down King Street to the starting point on Ocean Boulevard. Who has the responsibility to collect the garbage strewn all over Mark Lane, which smells like a urinal? Why can't the authorities arrest the offenders?

What kind of resources does the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation need to trim the trees along King Street? The entire street was almost dark, save for the portable lights used to facilitate the race. The entire Pechon Street was also dark.

And what about the stinking drains in the vicinity of Pechon Street, near the gas station, and those at the end of Port Royal and Harbour streets that smell like a pigsty? How much can it cost to repair the potholes along the route that drums were placed in to alert walkers of possible danger? How much can it cost to clear the verges and open lot in the vicinity of the craft market?

From my limited travels outside the country, this is the only downtown area I have ever seen that is not developed to a standard that people would find it a pleasure to visit anytime.