Sun | Feb 16, 2020

Open sex offender registry to public

Published:Saturday | October 13, 2018 | 12:11 AM


How many employers or human resources administrators know how to check if a prospective worker is a sex offender? The alleged case of rape at RIU should bother all of us.

Jamaica, like many other English-speaking countries, has a sex offender registry. It is quite advantageous for law enforcers to have access to such sensitive information.

However, don't parents and even children have a right to know when an offender has moved into their community? Mind you, some humanitarian groups would be more concerned about protecting the sex offenders.

Certainly, we can't ignore Jamaica's culture of 'jungle justice' where a popular stance to hurt another man is not always the most ethical, moral, or just action.

Nonetheless, life could be a little more simpler if our law enforcement and justice system was more prepared to make the sex offender registry accessible to all.