Wed | Jun 19, 2019

Was justice done for Peter Abrahams?

Published:Saturday | October 13, 2018 | 12:03 AM


While the plea-bargain law will reduce backlogs in the courts, does it bring justice to the victims of horrible crimes like murder and rape?

The recent sentence of seven years given to the man who killed 97-year-old Peter Abrahams caused me to doubt that plea bargains bring justice to the victims.

If the report that his death was caused by the use of a blunt instrument to inflict his body multiple times, I fail to see how the killer just pushed the wheelchair. I do not understand how manslaughter arose in that matter.

I do not understand how the husband of a servant of Peter Abrahams, who should be submissive to the employer of his wife, could go into the man's house to have such a heated argument with him over something that he gave him.