Wed | Jan 16, 2019

Profit over life?

Published:Wednesday | October 17, 2018 | 12:10 AM


So let me get this straight? We would rather have money in our pockets and in the bank than peace of mind and the value of our individual lives? Well, based on the Sunday Gleaner lead story 'Suffering under SOE' (October 14, 2018), it would appear that profit is more important than life as business operators in St Catherine North are upset that they have to "lock shop" early.

Am I to understand that they would much prefer to live with the uncertainty of having gun-toting villains running around than closing at a stipulated time?

While I understand the economic impact of the SOE, and indeed the importance of making a profit, it is in no way comparable to the thrust to achieve peace in the communities where the SOE has been imposed.

Again, while I do not discount the seriousness of issues and how they affect the livelihood of residents, it must be recalled that a profit is impossible to come by when you are pumped full of bullets.

Citizens have to be cooperative and sensible. We have to play an active role in our own safety and cooperate with lawmen. The fight against crime is a partnership that requires all hands on deck.

We cannot have people shirking the rules, placing themselves in harm's way and, ultimately, defeating the objective of protecting and preserving lives and reducing crime and violence for good.