Fri | Jul 19, 2019

Don't bow to petty dictator Bailey

Published:Friday | October 19, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Leon Bailey has not earned the respect of Jamaicans through his early career, but instead, he has disrespected us. What was the Jamaica Football Federation even thinking about when it supposedly entered into a bargain with an unproved 'chip'?

The national team isn't a family business or friendship contracts. "I," "I," "I," - which player who wants good for a team talks like that? His brother should step up to the plate and be recognised through the eyes of selectors and scouts if he is to earn a place in our national team.

So, Mr 'I', you need to check your words, actions and attitude before you comment. Phoenix Academy hasn't been proven as a national football nursery. I suggest Leon Bailey remove himself by turning down his invite unreservedly and try another country, England, perhaps.

Dictate to England coach Gareth Southgate that Kyle Butler be given a national call-up. Mr Southgate will probably be more accommodating and yield to a request from a 'big' star like Leon Bailey, and fit them in over Harry Kane or Marcus Rashford.