Wed | Aug 21, 2019

JamaicaEye a game-changing initiative

Published:Friday | October 19, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Zones of special operations (ZOSOs) and states of emergency measures have had a positive impact. This is evident by the significant numbers of firearms that have been recovered within the areas of the anti-crime initiative.

Notwithstanding the parliamentary Opposition's view that the anti-crime measures are now losing their sting, the Government cannot afford to relent. Indeed, what is required is to capitalise on the gains achieved by improving upon

the methodology of these programmes.

Of significance in this regard is the JamaicaEye initiative, a programme geared at islandwide surveillance coverage through a network of cameras in public spaces. Currently, the operation and success of this programme is contingent on the voluntary participation of citizens. However, what is required for the programme to be fully effective is a mandatory scheme by the way of legislation for operators of certain types and volume of businesses to have cameras outfitted in areas of egress on their premises.

The current climate in which the Brandon Murrays, the Ramdials and other persons are murdered in public spaces close to business enterprises, requires the implementation of a Public Surveillance Act. Certain business operators, based on their classification, would be obliged to have cameras, and non-compliance with this requirement would result in a fine being imposed.

Under such a scheme, business operators could also benefit from a tax break in respect of the acquisition of such cameras. These cameras would automatically feed into the Government's surveillance network.

The conventional approach of highlighting problems without constructive solutions must cease.


Attorney-at-law, JP