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Letter of the Day | Pro-abortion appeal sanctions murder of innocent

Published:Saturday | October 20, 2018 | 12:00 AM


This is an open letter to Member of Parliament Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn.

As a member of your West Rural St Andrew constituency, I am passionately moved to convey my dissent regarding the adjustments you propose be made to abortion legislation. If your intentions are to protect lives, namely the lives of young ladies, do consider that there is a greater victim - the speechless baby being aborted.

Before we sanction the ripping apart of a tiny person within the womb because of its inconvenience or unfortunate circumstance, let's consider that life did not come from any of us, but from God. He who gives life is the only one who has the right to take it.

I would hate to know that history records the name Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn as the one responsible for opening the doors for millions of Jamaican citizens to be killed before they have the opportunity to live. Certainly, criminalising abortion does not stop it from occurring, but it would be shameful that our leaders should sanction the murder of the innocent.

I would hope that the research you referred to also took into account the association of insanity with frequent abortions, in addition to the trauma that the very women you want to protect undergo subsequent to the abortion act must be highlighted.

Why not put your efforts into creating more centres for women and young ladies who have unplanned pregnancies and improve our adoption system, which is woefully lacking? Legalising abortion is not providing help to women! It is simply playing into the global pressure our nation has been under because of it moral historical standards.