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Lousy leadership in Golden Acres by 'Babsy' Grange

Published:Friday | October 19, 2018 | 12:00 AM


The community of Golden Acres falls within the constituency of St Catherine Central, which is led by Member of Parliament Olivia Grange, who by some stroke of bad luck for us, the constituents, seems to have forgotten that.

While the residents of this humble community have mostly kept quiet about the deplorable road conditions, Ms Grange cannot honestly say that she is not aware of the concerns because she had 'passed through' a demonstration staged some years ago, and being the MP, she would know that nothing has been done since.

People who vote and pay taxes are not supposed to be living in such conditions. Those of us who drive will soon have to park our cars. Queensborough Terrace and Windsor Drive are the worst. There is water running constantly on these roads from broken National Water Commission (NWC) mains. A section of Queensborough Terrace is impassable because of trees growing in the road and the water that always settles there. There is hardly a day when the pipelines are not broken, and when this happens, they are left running for weeks, despite calls to the NWC.

I am calling on the prime minister to remind Ms Grange that she has a responsibility to her constituents.

Do our votes count?

After all, it is they who have put her in power, or is it that our votes don't count? We are really tired of this terrible situation under which we, tax-paying citizens, are being forced to live.

The NWC needs to do better, as the commission is partly to blame, and for all change the pipes. A few weeks ago, persons on Windsor Drive had to be bathing in pans because of a burst pipe, which caused the water pressure in the houses to be extremely low. This went on for a month without any intervention from the NWC, which was called constantly.

Ms Grange, Golden Acres needs representation.


Golden Acres,

Spanish Town