Sun | Sep 20, 2020

Cuthbert-Flynn preying on the vulnerable

Published:Wednesday | October 24, 2018 | 2:50 PM


I notice Mrs Cuthbert-Flynn's stridency as a pro-abortion voice.

I am not sure what she hopes to achieve except to influence women who are vulnerable, swaying them in favour of this act of desperation which many women perceive is the only way out of a predicament. I hope she will enlighten me.

I wish her well, but also hope that the constituent of persons to whom she plays at the gallery will become less and less, instead of more and more.

May I invite her to the 'think

tank' where more sober thought processes will come to the fore, as to what to prescribe for people who genuinely crave for a 'way out' in circumstances which appear to many a victim as having gone beyond the limits they ascribe to the human indomitable spirit.

Derrick D. Simon

Camp David, Golden Spring