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Dolphin Cove in Discovery Bay: more questions than answers

Published:Wednesday | October 24, 2018 | 12:09 AM
Peter Knight, CEO of NEPA.



When will public servants stop treating ordinary Jamaicans disrespectfully? Polite requests by non-governmental organisations are ignored, and when demanded, there is obfuscation. The National Environment and Planning Agency and St Ann Municipal Corporation are two entities with such senior staff.

Jamaicans need to know how Puerto Seco was granted a permit for the fourth Dolphin Cove on this small island amid objections at having dolphins in a calm bay that is a fish sanctuary and when having captive dolphins is being phased out worldwide!

On October 11, Peter Knight, CEO of NEPA, deigned to give the answer to TVJ. But did he really?

Here are some questions he avoided:

1. What was 'the due process' followed?

2. Who carried out the 'independent consultations'?

3. Who was consulted?

4. What were the results of these consultations?

5. Why has Government ignored the objections of the marine experts at the university, the environmentalists at JET, the fishermen and the people of Discovery Bay?

6. Why was the number of dolphins reduced from the original application for eight to four?

7. Why a restricted permit will be withdrawn if the water is seen to be negatively affected?

It is clear that the Government is aware of ecological damage, but is pandering to influential, rich business people with scant respect for Jamaica's environment.

Finally, the St Ann Municipal Corporation Planning Department has left us speechless. This is the response after months of waiting to our enquiry as to what has been approved for Puerto Seco's Phase Two: "... The approval plans ... were examined. It was revealed that there were no details regarding Phase Two ... ."

Fellow Jamaicans, we must stand up for our country.


Discovery Bay Community Development Committee