Mon | Jun 17, 2019

What the hell do you know about rape and abortion?

Published:Wednesday | October 24, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Here we go again! Another man, a pastor no less, feels himself qualified to equate the trauma felt by women who are raped with the trauma felt by "a happily married woman with three children who feels the absence of a fourth, the child she had aborted prior to her marriage" (Gleaner Letter of the Day from Donald J. Reece, Monday October 22, 2018).

How on God's earth can he KNOW the trauma a raped woman experiences?

How can he KNOW that every woman who chooses to have an abortion will be 'severely traumatised'?

How can he KNOW that aborting a pregnancy caused by rape, incest, or other significant conditions that lead a woman to consider abortion not provide relief, and the absence of future trauma to the woman?

Because, for centuries, women wanting to abort a pregnancy have attempted to do so by whatever means they think may succeed, and will continue to do so, with often gruesome results, whatever the laws of the land are in which they live.

No Christian pastor should turn a blind eye to that happening to any member of his flock.


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