Fri | Sep 25, 2020

Attorney general should've prepared for battle

Published:Friday | October 26, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I read a letter in your paper written by one Nicole Foster claiming that the judges in the NIDS case were in her words, 'hostile' towards the attorney general. She further made the unfounded claim that the judges were acting on behalf of the PNP who brought the case against the Government.

I want to ask Ms Foster, on what basis would the judges have any reason to act with such impunity? Has Ms Foster even as much as watch a 'play case" on television? I would kindly suggest to her that she could just watch Judge Judy and she would get a minute idea of how judges operate, and I am deliberately being very simplistic here.

But back to the matter at hand: I will remind Ms Foster that the learned attorney general was a former resident magistrate and should know that in courts, you have to present compelling arguments.

What is more important, I would like to point out to Ms Foster, is that we are lucky that Marlene Malahoo Forte was not defending the country from external charges or we would be doomed because clearly she did not even have an understanding of what was in her own brief. Next time, the AG should do some preparation.



Toronto, Ontario