Fri | Dec 13, 2019

Sack cricket coach Robert Samuels

Published:Friday | November 2, 2018 | 12:00 AM


The Jamaica Cricket Association needs to find a new coach for the men's senior cricket team.

The current coach, Robert Samuels, is seemingly forgetting that he is responsible for creating the culture that he now bemoans is absent within the team. Frankly, the buck stops somewhere, and it is with the coach.

We must question what the coach is saying, as there are players in the team who are not T20 players as such and they are not performing, despite their talent. In this regard, I make reference to the likes of Brandon King, who had good starts but did not convert.

The coach should stop blaming players and look into the mirror, as he has been in this job for some time now working with these players, and we are not seeing the results.




Jermaine Blackwood's performance throughout this tournament does not leave someone like myself with much confidence in the tutelage of Mr Samuels. In that, having failed to make the cut for the Indian tour, we thought Mr Blackwood would have been shown how to knuckle down and be more judicious in his shot selection, without forsaking his natural game altogether. That's the job of the coach at this level.

Mr Samuels, a good servant of national cricket, is no longer the correct person to lead the national team, as it is now obvious that he needs to step aside, retool and allow another person to lead this generation of Jamaican players.

He's yesterday's man. If we persist with him, the talented players will not make the transition.