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Letter of the Day | Who will be heroes for the unborn?

Published:Monday | November 5, 2018 | 12:00 AM


On Heroes Day 2018, Jamaicans across the island learnt of the heroism of ordinary men and women who risked their own lives and personal safety to save the lives of others.

Several nurses at the Bustamante Hospital for Children saved 22 newborn babies; three men in St James rescued two women and three children, including a baby; and a woman inspector defended her own children from armed attackers.

What else do these brave citizens have in common? In the face of trouble, their first instinct was not to think of themselves, but of those in distress. Their natural instinct was to save life and rebuff death. They did not choose to save one or two, but all who were in danger, even to their own hurt.

Meanwhile, in Gordon House, the very opposite is happening. Some women and men elected by the ordinary citizens to represent the citizens are acting unnaturally. Leading the charge is a Jamaican Olympian. Joining her in the deception is the minister of health.

With responsibility for the health of the entire nation, he seems inclined to turn a blind eye to the lives of the unborn. Abortion is violence and bloodshed. Like rape and incest, it forms part of the culture of death. Instead of pursuing life for both mother and child, these parliamentarians court death for the voiceless and innocent, unborn baby, and regret and deepened turmoil for the mother who survives.

One thing is sure: These two groups of Jamaicans will go down in history.

But who will be remembered with honour, respect and celebrated for putting the lives of others over their own interests? That's right. Only the courageous, ordinary citizens, not the paid politicians.


Advocacy Officer

Jamaica Coalition for

a Healthy Society