Fri | Nov 15, 2019

Do the research first, Allan Douglas

Published:Wednesday | November 7, 2018 | 11:07 PM


I read a most unfortunate article by Allan Douglas about NIDS (National Identification System). It betrays his abysmal lack of knowledge about the specifics of the legislation, the intent of the government and shows his total ignorance of the incredible benefits that it can bring to Jamaica.

It's a shame because he writes with such certainty and authoritarian brio, about something of which he has done absolutely no research.

Britain has NIDS, Canada has NIDS, the USA has NIDS, Japan has NIDS, India has NIDS, Singapore has NIDS. Every flourishing country on earth has NIDS, yet Mr. Douglas has so much knowledge that he is right where all those other countries are wrong.

I ask Mr Douglas this, did you even read the legislation? I can answer that for you: no you didn't, otherwise many of the things you said, you wouldn't.

It's time for us to disregard these foreign people who think they know what's best for us. It has led to our destruction. Time to say thank you for your knowledge, but no thanks.

It's unfortunate that you want to kill something that is so transformational, that has the ability to usher in a Jamaican renaissance with respect to economic growth and security initiatives.


Fairview, New Jersey.