Mon | Nov 11, 2019

Fight for life fuelled by compassion

Published:Thursday | November 8, 2018 | 12:07 AM


The abortion debate is raging and the minister of health, whose prime concern should certainly be the preservation of life, has weighed in on the side of

fetal demise. In his article 'Abortion war needs dose of compassion', he stressed the urgency of the moment due to maternal mortality goals and the need for more compassion for women who may find themselves in difficult situations.

But two obvious questions arise:

1. What about standards on fetal mortality?

2. What about compassion for these innocent unborn babies staring scared at advancing knives and down the barrels of suction tubes?

Between the landmark case, Roe v Wade's decision and January 18, 2018, four days before its 45th anniversary, an estimated 60,069,971 unborn children were killed in the United States. Surely, the lives of 60 million mothers weren't at risk! This unborn genocide demonstrates how minuscule an argument maternal mortality is in actual reality. This debate is about the health of millions of future Jamaican babies. Should the Ministry of Health be concerned about their health even if foreign standard setters aren't? Yes!




The most basic parameter of health and compassion is that they cannot lead to killing! Let us build our nation around the love of life. Scrap the Abortion Policy Review Advisory Group and give us an Adoption Policy Review Advisory Group! True wisdom from above cherishes the weak and finds non-murderous solutions to legitimate problems. I pray true wisdom, compassion and health for our minister of health and all our leaders in whose hands our babies dwell.

Dr Daniel Thomas

Medical Doctor

President, Love March Movement