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The sad case of Harbour View Post Office

Published:Tuesday | November 6, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Today, the post office in Harbour View is to be closed. I wonder if the people who made this decision contacted or considered the people in Harbour View and asked if the post office served a useful purpose; and if people in other parts of the east rural St Andrew community have use for it. Where are the councillors for Harbour View and Bull Bay in this matter; where are the members of parliament, the so-called representatives of the people?

Since there is no communication with most citizens of the east rural St Andrew community, unless one attends a political gathering, I will share with them and the public that there are many elderly and retired people who now live in the old Harbour View and East Rural St Andrew who are former teachers, nurses, policemen and ordinary citizens, who have earned a pension by their hard work and dedication to this country. These pensioners collect the small amounts and go shopping at the Harbour View Shopping Centre, which, incidentally, is the only shopping centre for miles. Now they will need to go to the Windward Road Post Office to join that line.

I am hereby asking all residents of Harbour View to write letters to their so-called representatives demanding that the Harbour View Post Office be reopened.

I am asking all senior citizens to contact their "so-called representatives.

I have had enough of the dismissive and disrespectful tone and actions of those people who sit in Parliament. It is time we let them know that we do matter! If they cannot manage the affairs of the country, which includes safe affordable communication of all citizens by letter at local post offices, they shouldn't put themselves up for election.

Hugh M. Dunbar