Sun | May 19, 2019

Can we escape stress?

Published:Saturday | November 10, 2018 | 12:00 AM


In the health section of The Gleaner dated November 8, 2018 ('Don't take life so seriously'), a number of reasons were given why stress is generally deleterious to your health, ranging from high blood pressure to accelerated ageing, diabetes, heart attack, stroke and a large scope of medical issues.

If stress bears such a negative impact on one's well-being, you would suppose that the answer is really about channelling your anxiety and pent-up energy into personally and socially healthy ways.

If stress causes self-destruction, there is no excuse in forcing it on others in the form of violence, as with the latest mass shooting in the United states that claimed at least 12 lives, not counting the shooter's. Sometimes people are also injudicious in the route taken to reduce stress, such as laughing at serious matters.

The article suggested that people should be less stressed, but can someone just decide to repress their worries and emotions without an alternative outlet? Could the food that people eat also help to exacerbate the problem?