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Unbending rules at Catherine Hall Health Centre

Published:Thursday | November 15, 2018 | 12:10 AM


It is amazing how inhumane security officers can be at the Catherine Hall Health Centre in Montego Bay.

On Tuesday, (November 13) at about 8:10 a.m., I offered a ride to a mother with two-week-old twins. Her destination was Catherine Hall Health Centre in West Green, Montego Bay. On arrival at the medical centre, I noticed that the gate was closed and there were several mothers with babies standing outside the gate, manned by a lone female security officer.

Out of concern for the mother, I approached the officer and asked if I could leave her inside so she could have a seat while she waited. She rudely replied, "No, sir!" I pointed out to her the current situation: a mother with two babies. She advised me that the gate would not be opened until 9 a.m.

Whatever the situation, and whatever the rules, it is a medical facility, and I believe it should be standard for patients to go in and at least have a seat until the normal operation begins.

The morning sun was unbearable for the babies as there were cries and perspiration on the faces of the mothers. If this is what is the norm at this facility, I wonder what kind of medical care is offered within the confines of the four walls there.

The questions, therefore, are:

Is this the rule set by the medical facility, or is this the rule set by the security company? If this is the rule at the Catherine Hall Health Centre, this truly needs some intervention from the chief medical officer for the parish.

Whoever made this rule truly does not have any regard for the patients.

Devon King

Kingston 19