Wed | Oct 16, 2019

Pump NCB profits into ATM maintenance

Published:Friday | November 16, 2018 | 12:22 AM


In 2016, the NCB Financial Group Limited, parent company for National Commercial Bank, made $14 billion in net profits. Last year, it improved its position by recording $19 billion in net profit. This, I gather, is a new record, as earnings grew by 32 per cent. Delighted owners of NCB stock shared a distribution of $1.48 billion.

I am happy for these stock owners.

From all appearances, this year is set to do even better. There is just one matter that I think has been overlooked in all of this, and I am using this medium to get some assistance. Would it be asking too much for NCB to spend a small amount of this money to ensure that its customers don't suffer the present nightmare when they attempt to use ATMs?

We have to be running all over town trying to find a machine that works. When it is not taking my card, it is rejecting it. Three weeks ago, I transferred some funds to another account. That little piece of paper that comes out at the end of the transaction giving a record of the transaction was blank. I asked the security guard for an explanation. He said there was "no ink" . No ink? After collecting $33 billion over two years?

On November 14, the customer ahead of me exited the kiosk, gave the machine a fine cussin', and ended with this chilling warning: "Mek sure seh mi get back mi card Monday, enuh!"

Be careful, NCB! She looks serious.