Thu | May 23, 2019

A tale of two patty shops

Published:Monday | November 19, 2018 | 12:00 AM


There are two patty outlets not far from each other, yet their operations/service are light years apart.

One, an official Tastee franchise located on Mannings Hill Road, the other a pastry/food shop situated along Chancery Street, which also sells Tastee patties.

Firstly, in recent weeks the outlet on Mannings Hill Road has increased its price for all patties, with beef patties moving from $150 to $160 each.

This while the Chancery Street outlet still sells beef patties for $150 each.

My question, therefore, is, how can the official Tastee franchise sell for $160 when the pastry/food shop still sells for $150?

Then there is the service. Excellent at the pastry/food shop and well below par at the Tastee franchise.

Never mind how long the line is at the pastry shop, you are never sold cold patties. Nor is there ever a waiting period for the next batch of patties.

Not so at the Tastee outlet. Customers are always complaining about being served cold patties. Someone ought to tell the servers that 'hot' and 'patty' are synonymous.

Then there is the regular eight to 12 minutes wait for patties.

Not so long ago, a patty/fast food company revoked the permit of one of its franchise holders for substandard service.

Perhaps it's time Tastee take a look at franchises bearing its name.

Donald Plummer